Resilience and Climate
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Democratizing Energy Resources for Social Justice and Racial Equity

As we race to enact clean energy practices, how are we protecting against socioeconomic and racial inequities? As clean energy policies ramp up in scale and ambition, they confront challenging new questions: what actors will cover the costs related to this transition? How can our partners in this space help CDFIs think beyond the transaction to evaluate the long-lasting quality of life impacts of underserved and often vulnerable tenants? How can we be stewards of responsible development practices to protect against crushing energy cost burden and harmful environmental impacts? Join us for a discussion on how to enhance our sector’s mission to raise our collective consciousness on climate and energy.

Yonina Gray, Director of External Relations, Reinvestment Fund
Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Director of Climate Policy, Roosevelt Institute
Dana Clare Redden, Founder, SolarStewards
Adelaide Steedley, Senior Director, Strategy, Policy and Innovation,
Atlanta Housing Authority

Financing Black Women-Led Sustainable Food Initiatives for Climate Change Mitigation

With climate change drastically affecting our communities, building sustainable food systems is playing the dual role of access to healthy food and an important climate change mitigation strategy. We’ll hear from two Black women-led organizations in different regions on their varying approaches to food justice, with a collective mission to connect food security and land justice with climate change mitigation strategies. Our panelists will share how CDFIs and investors can use their toolkit to support cutting edge civil rights organizations with financial products, becoming culturally literate on the challenges, and being strong allies of Black-led justice efforts. We’ll also hear the investor and philanthropic perspective of strategies and opportunities in supporting climate-oriented work.

Germaine Jenkins, Founder and Chief Farming Officer, Fresh Future Farm
Malini Ram Moraghan, Founder and Managing Director, Torana Group
Steve Saltzman, Chief Executive Officer, Charleston LDC
Shirley Sherrod, Executive Director, Southwest Georgia Project

Investing in Climate Solutions for the Environment and the Economy

A new movement is pushing for a future-looking economy, one that takes the urgent challenges of a highly inequitable economy and a changing climate as a charge for audacious action. Climate positive investment is a powerful tool for addressing climate change and creating jobs, community resiliency, and energy affordability and reliability, especially for communities of color, Native communities, and those that are under-resourced and left behind. Investors will explain why climate is a top priority and how they have collaborated with CDFIs. One innovative CDFI will explain the key role climate solutions finance has in furthering their mission and business strategies; how they support the environment and the economy, while managing risk and their bottom line; and how other CDFIs can too.

Trenton Allen, Managing Director and CEO, Sustainable Capital Advisors
Keith Bisson, President, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
Dana Lanza, President, CEO and Co-Founder, Confluence Philanthropy
Cathie Mahon, President and CEO, Inclusiv

Resilient Community Development Finance

As the unprecedented pandemic, economic devastation, and violent weather events of 2020 continue, CDFIs are coming to understand the importance of resilience−the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems to survive, adapt, and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience. Resilient community development finance is a matter of justice: low-income and other under-resourced communities are the most vulnerable to shocks and stresses of all types, as the pandemic has made clear yet again. Join us to learn how OFN and a CDFI-led Technical Advisory Committee are working to create a market standard and tools to empower CDFIs to use Community Development Finance to ensure a Resilient Future−for all people, and all communities.

Amy Brusiloff, Senior Vice President, Bank of America
Lisa Lee, Senior Associate, Power and Climate, The Rockefeller Foundation
Nikki Pieratos, NDN Fund Managing Director, NDN Collective
Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy, Founder and Chief Precoverist, Precovery Labs


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Collaboration Led to Increased Capacity and Innovative Affordable Housing Models

CDFI Sustainability

Place-based collaboration tackling a local challenge can lead to new capital sources, stronger balance sheets, increased organizational capacity to expand reach or improve delivery of service, and innovation at scale. We’ll hear from three CDFI place-based collaboratives about how they are working together on innovative models to help people remain stably housed, as well as addressing housing affordability−both of which have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Calvin Holmes

Chicago Community Loan Fund

Linda McMahon

The Real Estate Council

Andreanecia Morris